Crown Point location

Crown Point location

The philosophy of the Music of Oz Studios is to teach, guide, and nurture students of all ages in the knowledge, performance, and appreciation of music in a positive and productive environment.

Music of Oz Studios offer a total music experience through an integrated curriculum. The Bastien series is used for beginning and intermediate piano instruction, several methods, including the Suzuki method, for beginning through advanced string instruction, and varying methods for guitar and wind instruction.

The Music of Oz Studio offers thirty minute weekly private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, percussion, string, and wind instruments. Studio instructors understand the
differing needs and goals of individual students and adjust and personalize curricula accordingly. The Studio approach is both fun and educational and encourages students of all ages both personally and musically.

Music of Oz Studios are educationally-minded teaching facilities which are owned by and staffed with experienced and degreed educators. We utilize the research that has been made available through the Multiple Intelligences theory and studies which indicate that music learning and performance utilize both sides of the brain as well as front and back portions. It is a well-documented fact that students involved in music do better in school studies.

Music of Oz has a large number of adult students. We offer “A Little Night Music,” evenings of performing and fun for our adult students as well as two annual recital opportunities for school-aged students.